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Sound absorbing panels in all sizes and colors, mountable on ceilings and walls, serving high and low frequency needs.


Banners and baffles have great design and installation adaptability for open space sound reverberation solutions.


Hollow, high capacity load bearing structural masonry units and soundproof, high efficiency interior windows.


Industrial sound isolation, vibration and sound control through floor, wall and ceiling systems.


Protecting People
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Since 1974 - Acoustic Solutions and its associates Western Noise Control and Industrial Noise Control

Have served the Architectural and Industrial needs of all areas of Canada. Export markets are now being served.

Acoustic Solutions specializes in the custom design and installation of noise control systems to help control and reduce excessive noise in industrial, commercial, and institutional areas. Our experts provide, initial noise problem analysis, product recommendations, and custom design and install for new construction and retro-fit-projects.

Western Noise Control is a major supplier of sound-absorbing panels, baffles, banners and screens as well as noise barriers, machine and floor isolators, and masking devices. Many items are unique, original designs which provide improved absorption in lower frequencies.

Our policy at Acoustic Solutions is that when our clients have a noise problem, “we don’t just sell our product, we help our clients solve the noise problem - we design the solution! – Izzy Gliener, President”

Completed Projects

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Design Consulting • Manufacturing • Installation

Recently, Acoustic Solutions updated the Kinsmen Aquatic Centre in Edmonton, AB.

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