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Expand the advantages of a wall panel by capturing more of the problem low frequencies and still retain the high frequency absorption. A special resonating cavity built into this panel serves to improve low frequency absorption. Low frequencies are the most difficult to control and are often associated with noise produced by HVAC Systems in the affected area.

Original or Retro-Fit Panels for
application to drywall, concrete, wood,metal substrate and t-bar framework. Flush fitting permits harmonious appearance and avoids the distractions created by hanging baffles. Ceiling mounted Reflecto-Light
Panels do not interfere with sprinkler systems, flush mounted or recessed lighting, HVAC diffusers, cameras or
electronic detectors.


The ECHOTROL PANEL offers excellent sound absorption characteristics in a number of smart architectural finishes. These attributes enable it to be utilized in virtually any interior environment requiring noise control. each panel consists of rigid high density acoustical fiberglass. A variety of edge and corner styles are available, and some may be used in combination to create unique and attractive designs. Finishes include fire rated acoustical fabrics and vinyls, in a variety of colors and textures. Whether the situation requires stringent acoustical qualities or demands a large range of finishes in order to match existing decor – ECHOTROL will have a panel for your application.

ACOUSTI-TAC PANELS are designed to
serve both the needs for Reverberation Control
(RT) while facilitating the need for highlighting
• office announcements
• publishing information
• employee reminder stations in board rooms
• brain storming sessions
• employees work stations etc.

Designed to serve an emerging need for sound absorption in “closed in” areas where ventilation may be limited.

ENVIRO-SAFE Acoustic Panels are available in 50+ colors

ECHOTROL SECURE-PLUS PANELS are designed to resist abuse caused by accident or intentional vandalism.

The degree of impact resistance is designed to serve the particular location. The panels are custom made from perforated steel in appropriate thickness ranging from 22 ga. to 11 ga. Installed using specialty security screws.


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  • conference rooms
  • gymnasiums & arenas
  • industrial sites
  • recreation venues
  • community leagues
  • music rooms

  • halls & meeting rooms
  • offices & board rooms
  • classrooms
  • ceilings

  • Schools
  • Office and Commercial Space
  • Cafeteria areas
  • Boardrooms, etc.

Industrial Architectural
  • mechanical rooms
  • pump stations
  • warehouses
  • gymnasiums
  • llibraries
  • auditoriums

  • staff/employee lunch room
  • industrial work areas
  • office work stations
  • reception areas
  • display areas
  • meeting halls

  • underground passageways
  • enclosed control rooms
  • transformer stations
  • subway stations
  • industrial shops
  • theatres

Industrial Architectural
  • school hallways
  • stairwells
  • detention facilities
  • industrial sites

SONEXone Panels

Tectum Acoustical Walls

Protecting People
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