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North America's Premier Provider of Acoustic Solutions to
General Contractors, Architects, Facility Owners, and Corporate Clients

Sound absorbing panels in all sizes and colors, mountable on ceilings and walls, serving high and low frequency needs.


Banners and baffles have great design and installation adaptability for open space sound reverberation solutions.


Patented high NRC and STC structural masonry blocks.


Sound isolation, vibration and sound control through floor, wall and ceiling systems.


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Acoustic Privacy

Sound dampening glue to reduce sound resonance in walls between rooms in your home or office
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About Us

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About Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Solutions, Western Noise Control, Industrial Noise Control, and Hearing Conservation Consultants have been providing quality noise pollution solutions since 1974 when Izzy Gliener founded the companies with a vision of “protecting people” from ever-increasing noise pollution levels in our growing communities. We have become a North American leader in offering practical noise containment and control solutions for educational, recreational, commercial, and industrial facilities such as schools, arenas, gymnasiums, refineries, offices, swimming pools, and auditoriums. We have also become a leader in industrial audiometric hearing testing and noise surveying with the ability to provide both hearing protection and noise containment and control solutions.

2015 was a milestone year where Izzy Gliener semi-retired and handed his vision and mission to provide noise control solutions and prevent noise induced hearing loss to the Engineered Controls Group whose ownership team has Izzy’s same vision and values. The Engineered Controls Group is the parent company of Engineered Containment Inc. which also focuses on pollution control but instead of noise control, it focuses on preventing land and water pollution by supplying and/or installing geomembrane liner containment systems for hazardous fluids and solids.

Acoustic Solutions is proud to be a member of “Partnerships in Injury Reductions” and holds a Certificate of Recognition from the Government of Alberta for developing health and safety programs that meet established standards.


Protecting People

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