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Acoustic Privacy

Sound dampening glue to reduce sound resonance in walls between rooms in your home or office
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Soundproofing & Sound Masking

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Soundproofing & Sound Masking

Soundproofing for room-to-room sound transfer and sound masking for area-to-area sound transfer are alternate solutions as one is used where the other cannot. One can’t apply soundproofing materials to open concept rooms where floor-to-ceiling walls and doors don’t exist so the perfect and proven solution for open concept areas is our patented Soft db sound masking system.

For those facilities where walls and doors do exist we solve room-to-room sound transfer issues with proven material application methods. Every solution is slightly different but we’ve developed unique solutions that keep costs (and noise transfer) to a minimum. Sound masking can be used in these instances too but our first approach is with very low cost mechanical isolation materials.

Equipment noise isolation is resolved with the best soundproofing materials on the market including composite mass-loaded polymers and composite materials that provide both sound absorption and sound blocking capability.

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